Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tools to my success

These are things I will try and use to help me succeed.

Focus each week on drinking more water each day so lets say for one week I drink two bottled waters per day for a total of 14 the next week I will try to drink 3-4 waters per day.

Get a tanner this is something that I think is a mind over matter thing I do think tanned people look thinner so hell if I am not thin I midas well fake it til I am right

Find a goal outfit what is the one thing I want to wear when this is all done. The answer is DRESSES I want to start wearing DRESSES and skirts and girly crap like that.

MOTTO for summer NO CAPRIS I have three months before summer shorts or pants no capris I hate them damn things

Use the wii I have one and I can buy programs to do these this is a great system to help me.

Find a walking place. This will be hard I do not walk malls because between the smell of food or the sale signs my mind is on anything but walking. I refuse to go to a walking track where I walk in a circle all day that will not do that for me. I need to find something for now but once summer hits I have plenty of places I can walk every day with my kids. So when the weather permits I will use the nature trails in my area to start and only use the mall BEFORE stores open. I still cannot bring myself to go on a walking track!

Kids are off spring break by April 9th I plan on buying a two month gym membership to jumpstart me Being that my kids are home all summer getting a sitter is crazy if I can find a gym that has the babysitting there I will consider that.

Use some of the local programs. There are yoga centers that have drop in classes and punch cards I can use. Their is also a swim and trim program through our community ed dept that I can also utilize.

Okay there my long term goals watch for my short term weekly goals.

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