Monday, March 22, 2010

My breakfast woes....

This is the hardest meal of the day for me. Snacks are easy lunch is not to bad and I am always ready for dinner. Breakfast has never been a thing I liked to eat. Even as a child. Maybe it's because breakfast options are so limited. You got eggs, pancakes, waffles and muffins donuts and most of those are so carb filled. I use to drink carnation instant breakfast and I am considering doing that. Problem is I will not give up my 2 percent milk midas well tell me not to drink it all. So if I add that to carnation I do not see that being a healthy choice. So today I made magic eggs...what are those their very simple no grease and no salt.

How to make magic eggs.

Crack two eggs in a microwave safe bowl. add a dap of milk stir if you wish ( this makes a fluffier egg) put on high for about a minute and then cut it up makes a scramble type egg if you want check for and runny egg still if so just add back in a for a few seconds into the microwave until they are cooked the way you like.

I like the yolk sometimes ill dip a piece of toast in it but I am on a diet so watching those carbs.

My mission today is to find a salt and sugar sub that I can stand.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week of March 22nd

This week goals

drink one bottled water per day

walk as much as possible and find a walking place

check out tanners to start after spring break

look into local gyms curves is offering a one week free membership I may utilize that

Purchase workout clothes need a few comfy pants I have t shirts and tennis shoes so I am okay there

Watch salt carbs and fat increase fruit and veggies and add chicken and more fish to my diet.

Find out my starting weight post it and be rid of it!

Find other ways to occupy myself besides eating fast food and shopping out of boredom all week.

Attend one excercise class or yoga class if available in my area!

Tools to my success

These are things I will try and use to help me succeed.

Focus each week on drinking more water each day so lets say for one week I drink two bottled waters per day for a total of 14 the next week I will try to drink 3-4 waters per day.

Get a tanner this is something that I think is a mind over matter thing I do think tanned people look thinner so hell if I am not thin I midas well fake it til I am right

Find a goal outfit what is the one thing I want to wear when this is all done. The answer is DRESSES I want to start wearing DRESSES and skirts and girly crap like that.

MOTTO for summer NO CAPRIS I have three months before summer shorts or pants no capris I hate them damn things

Use the wii I have one and I can buy programs to do these this is a great system to help me.

Find a walking place. This will be hard I do not walk malls because between the smell of food or the sale signs my mind is on anything but walking. I refuse to go to a walking track where I walk in a circle all day that will not do that for me. I need to find something for now but once summer hits I have plenty of places I can walk every day with my kids. So when the weather permits I will use the nature trails in my area to start and only use the mall BEFORE stores open. I still cannot bring myself to go on a walking track!

Kids are off spring break by April 9th I plan on buying a two month gym membership to jumpstart me Being that my kids are home all summer getting a sitter is crazy if I can find a gym that has the babysitting there I will consider that.

Use some of the local programs. There are yoga centers that have drop in classes and punch cards I can use. Their is also a swim and trim program through our community ed dept that I can also utilize.

Okay there my long term goals watch for my short term weekly goals.

50lbs or bust!

My goals is 50lbs I will achieve this by doing some or all of the following.

Getting proper rest

Changing my eating habits and drinking more water this is VERY hard for me!

NO weekly Weigh ins I know a lot of people believe in these but sorry I do not.

I will get active start using programs around me and in my area to help me succeed.

Not burden friends or family with my weight loss or the progress I have learned that some people may not be as supportive as I need them to be therfor I need a clear emotional state and not worry about what others think during this.

I want to have this goal met by October 2010.

Can I do it watch and see?

Mission Statement...

Let me begin by saying this is a mission I chose to take upon myself to make myself feel better. I am going to use the things and tools around me to help me succeed.

I am going to commie to this.

I do not believe in weekly weigh ins

Just because I lost a single pound I do not feel the need to jump for joy.

I will be realistic with myself during this.

I will put forth the best effort I can

Well here is my journey wish me luck!