Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going fresh continued

Well my going fresh is well on it's way in fact I am going back to the store today to buy more fresh items to use. The response by the kids has been well beyond expectations. The other night we had grilled chicken breasts with rice and I made FRESH green beans the kids loved the green beans and even came back for seconds!!!!

I also invented my version of kids meals. For starters I bought the tyson honey chicken tenders. I made those used ranch to dip in and added apple slices and yogurt to dip the apples in.

Now myself and the kids like those chicken wraps at mc donalds. SO I bought the tyson premade chicken strips you can find those in a bag in the salad area some stores have them other places. They also have chunks. I buy a bag of salad mix you're typical lettuce, carrots purple cabbage etc and some shredded cheese.
This is how I make them

Take a tortilla (make sure their the larger tortillas or a burrito one works too) lay down the lettuce mix. Put a few chicken strips or chunks you can also pregrill some chicken tenders I use a george foreman grill for that. Sprinkle cheese on top and add a line of dressing like subway does. I bought the kraft ranch and the kraft honey mustard dressing. Then roll it up!

I add baby carrots and ranch for the kids and for me I use cottage cheese or a yougurt.

I am telling you what the kids are loving the apple slices and yogurt they also used grapes to dip the yougurt in. I bought one box of yogurt tubes and two packages of yogurt cups and the kids responses have been so amazing I am so proud.

I have come to the conclusion that this whole going fresh thing may not be only a good idea for me but for my family. Even my friend has been using my ideas to feed her picky three year old.

I also have been doing this for years. ....take those yogurt tubes and put them in the freezer and make frozen yogurt tubes the kids will love it mine do!


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